Chimney Sweep Services

Keeping your chimney clean, safe and well maintained.

Chimney Sweeping

Having your chimney swept is the best way to prevent a chimney fire.

The cost for a single sweep starts from £50.00.

Discounts could apply for multiple sweeps on the same property or next door neighbours. Please get in touch for a quote.

Note: Please tell your sweep if you are experiencing any problems with the chimney prior to booking. Please review the terms for appointments.

Bird Guard & Chimney Cowl Installation

The most effective way to prevent bird nests or rain and debris coming down your chimney is to fit an appropriate chimney cowl or chimney capper. Cowls and bird guards are fitted to used chimney pots, cappers are fitted to disused chimney pots

Below are starting charges for the following work, price is dependent on access to the chimney. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Base Charge for Working at Height/Ladder Access to the Chimney – from £90.00

For Chimneys in use:

Aluminium painted bird guard/cowl fitted + £35.00

Stainless steel painted bird guard/cowl fitted + £60.00 (recommended)

For Disused chimneys:

Chimney capper fitted + £18.00

Chimney Bird Nest Removal

Bird’s nests in chimneys are an unknown variable in size and duration of work required to remove it. Depending how long it takes, the extra time required could add between £25 and £55 to the charge of the chimney sweep. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Specialised equipment is used to remove the bird’s nest. Note: Nests and blockages are bagged and left with the customer for disposal.