Chimney Sweeping FAQs

Common questions about chimney sweeping.
How much does a chimney sweep cost?
For all prices and services see our Prices & Services page.
How long does it take?
Ideally you should allow 45 minutes from start to finish for your chimney to be swept. Often it will take no more than half an hour.
How often should I have my chimney swept?
As a general rule; once a year. Depending on the type of fuel you use and how often you use your fireplace or wood burner, it could be more often. See the Chimney Sweeping page for more information.
Will there be a lot of mess?
Chimney Sweeping is a relatively clean process, we take every precaution to prevent any mess being allowed to come into the room.

The only time there may be a small amount of dust is when removing a bird’s nest.

We are fully insured in the event of an accident.

Do I need to do anything in preparation?
There are 2 things to consider:

  • Put the fire out the night before, or remove any hot ashes before arrival.
  • Move any furniture or ornaments from in front of the fireplace.
Does a wood burner with a chimney liner need to be swept?

Yes, anything that burns wood or solid fuels will need sweeping at least once a year.

Does an oil/gas flue need to be swept?
Yes. Although the deposits left from these types of fires are different, they still should be swept annually to keep them clean, clear and safe.
How can I stop birds coming down my chimney?
The most effective way would be to install a bird guard to your chimney pot. Bennett’s Chimney Sweep can do that for you! See our bird guard and chimney cowl page for more information.