Chimney Bird Nest Removal

Removing disused nests in chimneys from birds and other animals.

Chimney Bird Nest Removal

Bennett’s Chimney Sweep have years of experience in bird nest removal. We use specialist equipment to thoroughly removed the disused nest. For the protection of wildlife we generally will not remove a nest in the months of March to August and will only remove a disused bird nest.

Having a bird’s nests in a chimney is very common but could cause all sorts of problems if left alone. Most importantly it poses a huge fire risk; causing damage to your health and your property. The bird nest can also accumulate moisture causing damp problems in the property.

The best way to stop this happening is to have a bird guard fitted. Please see our bird guards and cowls page for more information.

I have a bird nest in my chimney. Can I still use it?

No. This will be extremely dangerous.

Depending on the time of year the nest may be in use but more importantly there will be little or no “draw” or air flow up the chimney which will mean the fumes from the fire will come back into the room potentially being fatal to someone’s health.

Potentially the nest could catch alight and cause serious damages to your property.

Be safe and be sure to have the nest removed before lighting your fire.

How much does it cost?

This can be a tough job and could take an unknown amount of time. Please get in touch for a quote and we’ll give you ranged quote for your specific needs.

How bad could it be?

Surprisingly, it could potentially and quite literally fill your chimney! Below is an example of this kind of job in progress.