Appointment Terms

By booking with Bennett’s Chimney Sweep you agree to the following reasonable terms below.

Terms and Conditions Upon Booking an Appointment

Thank you for booking with Bennett’s Chimney Sweep. We are happy to provide you with an excellent, punctual service.

By booking with Bennett’s Chimney Sweep you agree to the following reasonable terms:

Your appointment. Someone is expected to be at home for the duration of your arrival window, please ensure someone is able to fulfil the appointment. If no one is at home upon arrival within the dedicated arrival window, you agree to pay the cancellation fee*. We will try to contact you via telephone if you are not in. We appreciate genuine emergencies do happen but you must call your sweep as soon as is possible.

Covid-19. For your protection and that of your sweep, it would be wise to maintain at least a 2 metre distance at all times.

Cancellation and reschedulingIf you cancel, reschedule or reduce the number of flues to be swept within 24 hours of your appointment arrival window, you agree to pay the relevant cancellation fee*.

Prepare before your sweep arrives. All preparation must be done in good time before your sweep arrives. Please refer to the FAQ page under the heading “What do i need to do in preparation for the appointment?“. A surcharge may be charged in the event your sweep has to spend considerable time in clearing the way to access your appliance or fireplace. Please note: Your leftover ash is not cleaned up or taken away by your sweep.

Birds nests & blockages. Tell your sweep if your fire is not working properly or you suspect that there may be a bird’s nest or blockage. If you don’t mention this or you weren’t aware but still want the appointment to continue, you agree to pay the related surcharge for bird’s nests and blockages as outlined on the Prices Page. Note: Bird’s nests will be bagged and left with the customer for disposal.

Do not light your fire or appliance the night before. Appliances and flues cannot be swept while on or still hot. It is at the discretion of the chimney sweep whether or not the appointment can continue in such a case. If the sweep cannot carry out his work because of this, you agree to pay the cancellation fee*.

Give good instructions. If your home is hard to find or inadequately sign posted, please give your sweep any instructions or landmarks to look out for.

Parking. Heavy tools are needed for ensuring your chimney is swept thoroughly. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there is suitable parking as close as possible to the property. This may mean any of the following;

• Temporarily moving your own car(s).
• Providing a parking voucher or permit.
• Asking a neighbour if their driveway can be used.

You agree to pay any parking expenses incurred for your appointment, excluding parking fines.

Liability. Bennett’s Chimney Sweep will take every possible care with your chimney and property but are fully insured in the event of an accident. Your sweep is not responsible for failing to be able to sweep a flue or damage resulting from the sweep as a result of poorly installed or damaged appliances, flues, chimneys, chimney pots or cowls. The appointment may still be charged for.

* The cancellation charge is £40 for the first flue of your appointment, additional flues are charged at £20 each.